Turning Aspirations into Stories

All forms of human progress germinate from some vision of what is possible. An aspiration. And the greatest human creations we witness and enjoy today are no exception.

It is our deeply held view that, for aspirations to evolve into stories of triumph and ultimately human progress, intentional interventions are necessary.

Recognising the need to transform the legal profession in South Africa, the Webber Wentzel Empowerment Trust was established to create sustainable opportunities for aspiring Black legal professionals thus facilitating their steady flow into the industry.

It is an intervention we undertake with an understanding that we are not only turning individual aspirations into stories of academic and career success, but also contributing to a shared aspiration of a transformed and prosperous South Africa.


A multi-faceted educational programme providing financial support, mentorship and career coaching to academically and financially deserving black students pursuing legal qualifications.

Institutional Support

Financial and other forms of support for faculties in educational institutions considered best placed to advance developmental interests of aspiring black legal professionals.

Special Programmes

Qualifying opportunities that have the potential to advance the mandate and objective of the Trust.

Guiding Principles

Initiatives must seek to empower.

Initiatives should create sustainable opportunities and sustainable careers.

We model the standards we expect of others. Real Impact - Impact must be tangible.

A Collaborative Mindset
Collaborating with like-minded to advance the shared cause.

Primary Beneficiaries
Black, underprivileged and academically deserving individuals pursuing legal careers.